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Coming soon: Hollywood's Trains & Trolleys

by Josef Lesser and Marc Wanamaker

Arriving early December -- download the flyer to pre-order your copy.

Route 66 Railway – Expanded Second Edition

by Elrond Lawrence

  • $35.00 – Hardcover with dust jacket 

  • 192 pages, Over 300 photos

  • 16 more pages, plus updated text & photos

  • Color endpaper maps

  • Post cards & memorabilia

The ultimate journey for fans of trains and the Mother Road! Route 66 Railway explores the relationship between U.S. Highway 66 and the Santa Fe/BNSF Railway in the American Southwest. For 90 years and more than 800 miles, these famous routes have been constant companions through California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Learn how the railroad paved the way for Route 66 and follow their shared rise, fall, and rebirth. Nearly 300 dramatic photos will transport you up California's Cajon Pass, across the Mojave Desert and Arizona Divide, and past the mesas of New Mexico. Recall the days when crossing the Southwest was an adventure. ... visit dusty towns, colorful cafes, tourist traps, motor courts, Harvey Houses, and more, all amid the thunder of passing trains. In Route 66 Railway, the journey is the destination!


by Roger L. Titus & Jim Bunte

How trolley's and postcards helped create the Southern California dream: 1898-1950's

  • $10.00 –softcover

  • 95 pages, more than 300 images

  • Post cards & memorabilia


Long before the Southern California of today, bustling with development and teeming with millions of people, the Southland was a sleepy, agricultural area of Spanish-Mexican heritage. But as the 20th century dawned, one man with a gift for real estate development and railroading arrived in Los Angeles who would change everything: Henry E. Huntington. Within a few short years, Huntington had created the world's greatest electric interurban railway, the Pacific Electric. The PE spanned Southern California with hundreds of miles of track, opened up remote areas to development, and created the commuter-based culture that now defines Southland living.


DESTINATIONS by Roger L. Titus and Jim Bunte explores Huntington's Pacific Electric and how it shaped today's Southern California through vintage postcards. In an era before personal photography, postcards were an inexpensive, colorful way to share travels and adventures with the folks at home. Postcards survive today as artistic reminders of a time and place gone forever.