Elrond Lawrence Collection

Elrond Lawrence is a writer, photographer, and PR professional with a passion for railroads and vintage highways. He grew up in Fontana, California, within sight of Santa Fe Railway’s Second District mainline, the former PE “San Bernardino Line,” and former U.S. Highway 66; weekend trips to Barstow with his parents planted the seeds for his book Route 66 Railway, and his daughter Kat completed the circle by traveling with him on photo safaris. Elrond’s work appears in Trains, Railfan, the NRHS Bulletin, and many other publications. He lives along California’s central coast near Salinas with wife Laura and three cats and frequently travels to Southern California. In January he was named executive director of the Los Angeles Railroad Heritage Foundation. Below is a sampling of his 30+ year body of work that celebrates the railroads and highways of California and the southwest.


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